Support for Tablacus


Especially the Ctrl - G feature.
Currently using last version 4.

Amazing app.
Best regards


Thanks for your feedback. I’ll test Tablacus Explorer.


Yep, I would also need it! Double click and Ctrl G feature! Thanks!


Here is how you can open the listary menu in tablacus:

  • create a .vbs file, name doesn’t matter, with the following content:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
WshShell.SendKeys “^%i”

  • go to Tools>Add-ons>Mouse>Options, here you can set all kind of mouse actions;
  • select “List(Background)” from the top-left drop down;
  • click the input button, a new window opens where you define a mouse event, double-click/middle-click/mouse gesture(right-click and drag), click ok;
  • from the “Type” drop down select “VBScript”, click “Browse” and select the .vbs file;
  • click “add”, click “ok”, click “ok”;

This executes the script which in turn executes a hotkey, CTRL+ALT+i ( the “^%i” part), you have to configure listary to open on this hotkey

^ = CTRL
% = ALT

Make tablacus default explorer.

Only thing not working is the CTRL+G functionality which for me is very important.