Searching only inside folders


It will be cool that searching can be narrowed only to inside folders.
For example: I work graphic design. I have a folder for every Clients, and in every one I have logos. If I search logo appears a lot of files.
I’d like that first search for my client, jump there, and there search for logo and appear only logo files in that folder.
Am I clear?


This feature, at least most of it, has always been pesent.
Although currently searching can not be completely narrowed to a dynamical current folder, the results are sorted as desired.

  1. Search folder name, or search folder: folder name to exclude files. Jump there.

  2. Search for logo. At the top are results in current folder categorized into List group followed by Path group which includes results not in current folder. No List group meas no matching result in current folder.

[建议] 在 Projects 路径设置项中相对路径以当前目录为基点

Wow… Thanksss… What a easy… yes… you are right… :+1: